Overview of Self-Lubricating Bearings

       SF-1 universal steel base without oil self-lubricating bearings: 

       1.Oilless or less oil lubrication, can be used without maintenance or less maintenance.

       2.Wear resistance is good,  the friction coefficient is small, long service life.

       3.Has the right amount of elastic-plastic, can stress distribution in a wide contact 

surface, improve the bearing capacity.

       4.Static friction coefficient is similar, so as to ensure the accuracy of mechanical work.

       5.Can make machinery to reduce vibration, reduce noise, prevent pollution, improving 

working conditions.

       6.In the course of the operation can form a transfer film, play a role in the protection 

of the grinding shaft.

       7.For the gringding shaft hardness requirements are low, thereby reducing the processing 

of the relevant parts of the difficulty.

       8.Thin-walled structure. light weight, can reduce the mechanical volume.

       9.Steel back can be plated with a variety of metals, can be used in corrosive media, has 

been widely used in a variety of mechanical sliding parts.


       Self-lubrication bearings are made of composite self-lubricating bearings, solid inlaid 

self-lubricating bearings, bimetallic self-lubrication bearings, special materials, self-

lubricating bearings, according to different users and conditions, use different self-lubricating 


       One of the major categories of solid inlaid self-lubricating bearings (referred to as JDB

 ) is a combination of metal bearing characteristics and non-oil lubricated bearing 

characteristics of the new lubricating bearings, from the metal matrix to withstand the load, the

 special  formula of solid lubricating material lubrication.

      It has the characteristics of high carrying capacity, impact resistance, high temperature 

resistance and high self-lubricating ability. It is especially suitable for occasions such as 

heavy load, low speed, reciprocating or swinging and so difficult to lubricate and form oil film, 

and is not afraid of water erosion and other acid and souring. Products have been widely used in 

metallurgical caster, rolling equipment, mining machinery, mold, lifting machinery, taxtile

 machinery, wind power generarion, ships, steam turbines, turbines, injection molding machines 

and equipment production lines. Wear resistance is twice that of ordinary bushings.