Maintenance and Replacement of Electric Vehicle Bearings

      Bearing for the electric car is equivalent to the bone joints in us, in the electric car 

driving process, the bearing is safe and greatly associated  with our safety factor when riding. 

For electric vehicles, the great the power of the bearing safety requirements are higher, the 

process of driving if the accident occered in the bearing damage or the use of non-standard 

situation, we must promptly repair, because it relates to our late riding in the life of safety.

     Electric car bearings is an important part of electric vehicles. Its main funciton is to 

support the mechanical rotating body, reduce the friction coefficient during its movements, and to

ensure its rotation accuracy.

     According to the different friction properties of sports components, bearing can be divided 

into two categories of rolling bearings and plain bearings. Rolling bearings have been 

standardized, serialized, but compared with the sliding bearing  its radial size, vibration and 

noise, the price is higher.

     Bearing damage:

    1. The quality of their own bearings, steel is not up to standard material used poor.

    2. The bearing exposed in the outer seal is not easy to easily into the water, such as the 

right side of the front wheel bearings, motor without the end of the brake cover bearing and oil 

seal damage, the water will be washed under the butter within the bearing, resulting in poor 

lubricarion and rust. Increase the friction to make the bearing wear " brkoen frame".

    3.Such as the impact of the wheel hit of shaft hardness is not enough to bend deformation, 

will make the bearing in the course of running force, will be grinding  "inner" and grinding 

"cylindrical", so that the bearing force uneven damage.

    4.Bearing hole machinig accuracy is not accurate round, slightly deformed bearings, running 

friction increase, leading to premature wear and tear bearing "war".

    Bearing in the case of excessive damage, the wheel will tilt, and then cause the vehicle in 

the process of running deviation, this is because the bearing in a direction of the bearing 

capacity decline, resulting in the direction of the electric car in the process of driving 

difficult to control. The serious point may occur when the wheel off, if the vehicle is in a 

high-speed state that the consequences will be disastrous, so the timely replacement of damaged 

bearings is necessary.