Low Air Pressure Submersible Impactor Bearing Device Details

       The installation force required for the bearing or ring-shaped workpiece of the low-

presssure submersible impact devices increases rapidly as the bearing size increases. Because of 

the installation of the request, the larger bearing is not easy to push the shaft or into the 

bearing seat. Thus, the bearing or bearing ring workpiece needs to be heated before installation. 

The temperature difference between the bearing and the bearing mounting position depends on the 

level of interference fit and bearing size.

       In the case of a deformed condition, the temperature of the low-pressure dive impactor 

bearing is higher than the temperature of the shaft by 80 to 90 ℃, which is sufficient for the 

installation. But absolutely can not let the bearing heating temperature exceeds 125 ℃, because 

when the bearing material will produce metallographic transformation, the occurance of diameter 

or hardness changes. Must avoid local overheating, in particilar, can not use open flame heating

 bearings. Wear protective gloves when installing heated bearings. Low-pressure dive impacters 

use lifting machines for easy installation.

     Push the bearing to the mounting position along the shaft so that the bearing remains 

stationary and pressed until its fit is strong. The Yangtze tool offers an inductive bearing 

heater with a thermostat with adjustable thermostat to meet all the needs of the installation in 


      Low wind pressure submersible impact with a fast action, the impact of large, low gas 

consumption, long life and other advantages. Widely used in geotechnical engineering in a variety 

of hard, high hardness and other toughness can be poor tough rock, its characteristics are as 


     This type of low-pressure dive impactor design has a strong blowing system, all of the high-

pressure gas can be used for slagging, so that the purpose of cleaning the bottom of the hole, 

hardened wear-resistant casing can be used U-turn, so extended replacement period.

     Designed with gas plug, low pressure submerged hole impactor can be based on rock hardness, 

wear resistance, drillability can be adjusted to different slag gas to achieve the best slagging 

effect, so as to achieve the highest drilling efficiency.

     The front connector uses a long thread to connect with the outer cylinder. The low-pressure

submersibe impactor is easier to remove the drill bit. The structure is simple, the parts are 

small, and the wear-resistance parts are used. The working time of the impactors is longer.

     Low air pressure submersible impactor the induction heater is versatile and can be used as 

heating of ring parts such as bearings, gears, mechanical bushings and fittings. Women and 

children are known, the correct installation can extend the bearing life. Controlled inductive 

heating can prevent unwanted damage and can keep the original pre-smooth, is a fantastic decision 

with a sealed bearing installation. Heating insurance, controllable. Bearing heaters, gear 

heaters, induction strippers, ring gear are the principle of inductive heating production. Low-

pressure dive impactor in the heating process, the numerical control components can provide 

optimal control, take the initiative to choose an effective power supply, to ensure uniform 

heating, fast, no additional steps, in the heating process will not produce an explosion. The 

occurrence of fading or the name of the viliage material depression. Low-pressure dive impactor 

NC parts can provide a three-year shelf life.