Japan Seiko (NSK) launched the gearboxes of tapered roller bearings

Jc35 introduction: recent Japan Seiko (NSK) introduced in emerging market countries in the production of gearboxes for tapered roller bearings. Transmission precision tapered roller bearings on the track surface, there are strict requirements, mainly in Japan, overseas production also from when Japan imported components and materials. Recently, the car output in China and other Asian markets continued to expand, with this trend, gearbox manufacturers to speed up the pace of marching into overseas. NSK is faced with the issue, how to taper roller bearing a great demand-the emerging market countries, implementation of local production and procurement of materials and components, and the supply of high quality products.

Bearing steel produced during steelmaking in non-metal combines with oxygen to form the impurities. Locally produced steel products often contain many impurities, so shorter bearing life. NSK, assisted by steelmakers reduces the amount of oxygen in steel, eventually the impurity content in bearing steel and Japan steel equal levels, achieved with the Japan bearing the same longevity and strength.

Local manufacture of rollers, rolling the shape accuracy often not steady, so loading easy to concentrate on the rolling surface portion of, resulting in shorter bearing life. In addition, unstable shape precision roller tip, so increased friction torque, easy earlier ablation phenomena. NSK through local suppliers to provide guidance on the processing and implementation of total quality management, improving the accuracy of rolling surface and the shape of the ends of. By this measure the ultimate life, friction loss and ablation resistance reached with Japan roller the same level. In addition, NSK or cages to evaluate the performance of the local manufacturing, confirm the quality reached with Japan the same level.