Install the Diesel Engine to Pay Attention to the Through Hole

     To S195 diesel engine, for example, bearings, bushings through several holes in the 

installation of the right.

     Main bearing: Each pair of main bearing oil groove are drilled with oil holes, respectively, 

and the cylinder block, the main journal of the oil phase is also connected, the installation, as 

long as the main bearing flange notch ailgnment pin, you can prevent the main bearing rotation, 

to ensure that the oil hole ailgnment, so that smooth flow of lubricants, to avoid burning.

     Rocker bushing: when the cylinder is pressed into the bushing, if the hole is misaligned, 

the rocker shaft and the bushing will burn due to lack of lubrication, dry friction and make 

the valve clearance larger, resulting in severe percussion.

    Connecting rod bushing: connecting rod small head with a set of oil hole, and connecting rod 

bushing oil hole connected to the connecting rod when the small sets of copper sets, if the two 

oil holes are not aligned, copper sleeve and piston pin "Dangdang" percussion and even killed.

    Starting the shaft bushing: When lining the bushing, the bushings of the bushings are 

respectively connected with the corresponding oil collecting grooves on the gear cover. Otherwise,

 the starting shaft and the bushing will accelerate the wear and cause the oil supply angle and 

gas phase change, resulting in diesel power down.