Inside the hollow bearing meth shuangyashan police extra large case

Longjiang us safely on October 15, out of Centre County, shuangyashan City Public Security Bureau arrested members of the Group of 21 days escorting large drug-involved Zhang Yang (pseudonym), triumph returned to double, meth seized 700 grams in one fell swoop, MA 800 tablets, shaking water 5 bottles, 50 ecstasy capsules, drugs worth more than 500,000 yuan. In addition, also seized large amounts of drugs, packing tools, a vehicle Audi A4, a steel ball gun, a knife.

In this year's "Dragon 2nd" in the anti-drug campaign, Center of Public Security Bureau Police Brigade for history of drug abuse and key personnel for investigation. Through investigation, some miners Li Xiaoliang (a pseudonym) with drug trafficking suspects. On August 16, the police arrested Li Xiaoliang, to drug urine test result was positive. Police at the home of Li Xiaoliang meth seized 4.9 grams and drug abuse tools, packing of ice tools. Li Xiaoliang was subsequently arrested. Police from Li Xiaoliang purse 3 found the clue in the local large order, locked in the city on-line Liu Ming (not his real name). Through the investigation of the criminal police, get important clues, seized an express mail sent to Liu. The message for a steel bearings, no strange appearance. Closer inspection by the police found that the bearing is hollow, unscrew inner possession of 100 grams of ice. Subsequently, the police wait will come to take the parcel of Liu was arrested. Based on hearing Liu available clues, Interpol was informed that online Zhang Yang may be in Zhuhai.

The night of September 24, Public Security Bureau Wang Hongbiao, Deputy Director of the Centre led the capture of drive catch 5-member team leaves for Zhang Yang. After Mo Pai have been supervised, in cooperation of local police, Interpol found the residence of Zhang Yang in a community of Zhuhai city, and in the evening of September 29 inventions that opened the door, inside the Zhang Yang captured. Well site inspection, Zhang Yang is taking drugs.

The action, capturing groups way in 10 provinces, nearly square km round trips, gave up the Mid-Autumn Festival and national day holiday of rest and the opportunity to reunite with their families, the successful completion of the task, with brilliant results add luster to the badge.

At present, Zhang Yang was arrested for illegal drug possession, was detained. The case is under further investigation.