Improvement of tracked chassis supporting wheels

I deliver foreign users the first crawler chassis, in use for some time, supporting wheels too much friction occurs, sealing delicate, chassis bias, unnecessary power consumption.

Tracked chassis of engineering machinery speeds below 5 km/h, the function only in the transition, move, position a short distance. Long distance moving, truck transport should be used. The tracked chassis of the foreign order is mainly used for non-road transport machinery, its speed up to 12 km/h, the job is its accessibility. The tracked chassis supporting wheels of choice for heavy duty, quality is very large, roller wheel for copper sleeve bearings, sealed by floating oil seal.

Analysts believe that due to the higher speeds the chassis, causing roller wheel on the floating ring seal line speed beyond the design, resulting in a floating oil-seal fever. Floating oil seal and heat, not only caused a decline in fast aging, sealing o-rings, resulting in increased axial pressure increases, supporting roller friction. In addition, the supporting roller bushing will because of its linear velocity increases, increased lubrication and wear.

For above problem, we on its support heavy round for has 1th times structure improved (see Figure 1), method following: will bearing (copper sets) to bearing, to adapted high of speed; for reduce quality, simplified processing process, will round body by forging to casting (hosted capacity slightly has declined); reduced has floating oil seal of diameter, makes floating oil seal line speed in allows value within, to reduced fever.

After improvement, the supporting wheels, their rotational resistance decreased, but still using the old floating ring seal, the rotational resistance is still very large. To decrease the roller wheel rotational resistance, decided to replace the appropriate seal.

Upon inquiry, culminating in a special combination oil seal (see Figure 2 in the partial view). The combination of oil seals are made of butyl rubber eye, its diameter position set with l-shaped stainless steel liner. Its axial 2 lip, radial lip has 3 road, l-shaped stainless steel inner liner and lip formation of cavities for filling grease.

Combine the seal after installation, outer diameter of bearing block hole to fit with the wheel body, its l-shaped stainless steel liner with a supporting wheel shaft for fit. Supporting wheels spin, the combination of the rotating part of the seal in its interior, l stainless steel inside lining relative rotation with lip. Test results showed that the combination of good seal effect, rotational friction is reduced to the former 1/3.

Improved roller wheel has a simple structure, low cost, light weight, sealing well, lubrication convenience and advantages of long life, can be adapted to user requirements for speed. Then we will change to the stamping wheel body and the bearing seat welded structure, further reducing its quality. Improved crawler chassis user in the rain forest, mountains of more than 1 year under the conditions of use, there has been no previous problems, prove the improved success.