How to Clean the Motor Sliding Bearings

     In order to rust, open the bearings in the factory to be coated with a layer of anti-rust 

oil, some of this grease can be added with the grease compatible, it can be used directly. 

Otherwise, before the assembly should be strictly cleaned, the purpose is to remove the original 

rust-proof material, the second is to remove the dust and other foreign matter attached.

     The whole process should pay attention to fire and anti-virus work, the steps are as follows.

     1. With a clean hair not hair removal of the cloth in the rust in the oil clean.

     2. Put the bearing into the cleaning solvent for a certain period of time. Available

cleaning solvents are solvent gasoline( commonly used 120, 160 and 200 ), special cleaning

kerosene or light diesel oil ( because of its slow volatility, and often leave traces of volatile 

trace, it is limited to general product) trichlorethylene special cleaning agent ( for industrial 

use, adding 0.1% to 0.2 % stabilizer, such as diethylamine triethylamine, pyridine, 

tetrahydrofuran, etc.) and so on.

     3. Brush with a brush.

     4. Rinse once or twice with a clean cleaning solvent.

     5. With no hair removal towel dry and dry.

     6. When using flammable solvents, should be prepared in advance fire prevention, the 

operation to prevent the ignition of all the work of the solvent, such as the scene is strictly 

prohibited somking or the use of fire and so on.

     7. In order to prevent damage to the skin of the solvent, it should be operated with rubber 

or plastic gloves.