High Quality Harden Sleeve Tin Bronze Bushing

    Product Description:

    Type: Broaching, Drilling, Laser Marchining, Milling, Turning, Broaching, Drilling, 

Etching/Chemical Marchining etc

    Material Capabilities: Aluminum, Brass, Bronze, Copper, Hardened Metals, Precious Metals, 

Steel Alloys Micro Machining or not: Micro Machining. 

    Advantage: High out with quick delivery

    Experience: 16 years


    1. 16 years experience and good technical support.

    2. Accept customer design.

    3. Accept low quantity.

    4. High output with quick delivery.

    5. Competitive price.

    6. We do reply and offer price within 24 hours received inquiry.

     Main material:

     Brass, Copper, Carbon Steel, Stainless Steel, Steel alloy, Aluminum alloy

     Surface Tratement:

     Zinc Plating, Nickel Plating, Chromate Plating, Anodize as per customer's requirement.

     The Most Precise Tolerances That Tongyi Can Process: 

     1. Shaft diameter below 6 mm and maximum pore size tolerance up to 0.003 mm.

     2. Shaft diameter larger than 6 mm and pore size tolerance is 0.005 mm. 

     3. Linearity below 100 mm distance etc, tolerance is up to 0.005 mm.

     4. 100 mm or more distance linear tolerance is up to 0.01 mm.

     5. A form tolerance is up to 0.003-0.005 mm.

     6. Position tolerance is up to 0.01 mm.