DP4 Washers

   Basic Info:

   Model number:DP4

   Type:Sliding Bearing

   Material: DP4


   Origin: China

   Product Description: 

   Structure:Steel Backing + porous bronze sinter + PTFE + CaF2 + Fillers

   Product Introduction:

   1.DP4 Dry Bearings materials is compliant with the European Union's End of life vehicles (ELV) 

directive 2000/53/EC on the elimination of hazardous materials in the construction of passenger 

cars and light trucks.

   2.DP4 Dry Bearing materials is compliant with the European Union Directive 2002/95/EC 

concerning the restriction of the use of hazardous sbustances in electrical and electronic 

equipment(RoHS Regulation).

   3.DP4 Dry Bearing material has good wear resistance and low friction performance over a wide 

range of loads, speeds and temperature conditions.

   4.DP4 Dry Bearing material has very good performance in oil lubricated heavy duty hydraulic 


   5.DP4 Dry Bearing material offers benefits in applications where corrosion of the lead in DU 

may occur.

  6.DP4 Dry Bearing material offers improved wear and friction performance along with good 

chemical resistance compared to DU Dry Bearings material.

   7.DP4 Dry Bearing material performs well in dry under light duty applications.

   8.DP4 Dry Bearing material is particularly suitable for intermittent operation under 

reciprocating  or oscillating movements.




    McPherson struts and shock absorbers, doors, bonnets and tailgate hinges, steering columns, 

clutches, gearbox selector fork guides , wiper arms, power steering pumps, pedal bushes, ABS 

equipment, etc.


    Aerospace,agricultural equipment, construction equipment, material handling equipment,

 forming machines-metal, plastic and rubber, office equipment, medical and scientific equipment,

packaging equipment, pneumatic and hydraulic cylinders, pumps and motors, railroad and ramways, 

textile machinery, valves, etc.