Detailed Analysis of Hot Oil Pump Common Faults and How to Operate them

      Hot oil pump (stainless steel hot oil pump) with the use of time, the hot oil pump will 

appear insufficient oil, and even pumping oil and other phenomena, mainly due to the relevant 

parts of the hot pump wear too much. Hot oil pump wear parts are the main shaft and bushings, 

passive gear center hole and shaft pin, pump shell cavity and gear, gear face and pump cover and 

so on. Lubricating oil pump wear its main technical indicators can not meet the requirements, it 

should be demolished and dismantled, to identify the wear and tear the location and extent, to 

take the appropriate approach to be repaired.

     1.WRY hot oil pump (stainless steel hot oil pump) shell repair shell crack repair method:

     Heat conduction oil pump (stainless steel heat pump) shell crack can be cast 508 nickel 

copper electrode welding. Welds must be tight and the pores, and the pump cover with the

flatness of the plane error of not more than 0.05 mm. 

    2.The active shaft sleeve hole and driven shaft hole after the repair method:

    Heat pump (Stainless steel hot oil pump) active shaft sleeve hole wear, the rewinding method 

can be used to eliminate wear traces, and then equipped  with the corresponding size to the 

bushing. Slave hole wear is also used to eliminate the wear and tear marks, and then press the 

hinge hole after the actual size of the preparation of the driven shaft.

    3.The pump shell cavity repair method:

     Wu Ying conductive oil pump (stainless steel heat pump) shell cavity wear, the general take 

the cavity to install the method of repair, the cavity will be large after the cast with cast

 iron or steel bushing. After the set, the inner cavity is applied to the required size and the 

bushing of the extended end face is worn to be flush with the pump housing.

     4.Select the appropriate gasket thickness for assembly:

      Wujin the first hot oil pump (stainless steel heat pump) all not seen after the repair is 

completed, the overall assembly, Wu ying hot pump and before and after the gland to choose the 

appropriate thickness of the gasket for assembly, installed after the hand heat pump spindle to 

not too tight, you can feel more soft to turn.

     5.The heat transfer valve seat repair:

     The pressure limiting valve has kinds of ball valve and plunger type valve. After the 

spherical seat is worn place a ball on the valve seat and then gently tap the ball with a metal 

bar until the ball valve is in close contact with the valve seat. If the seat wear serious, you 

can first remove the wear and tear marks, and then use the law to make it close. Plunger valve 

seat wear, can be put into a little valve sand grinding, until close so far.

    6.Heat pump (stainless stell heat pump) active shaft and bushing repair method:

    Will affect the heat pump pumping. In this case, you can use the repair axis or bushing method

 to restore its normal with the gap. If the drive shaft wears light, just press the old liner and 

replace the standard size of the bushing, with the gap can be restored to the allowable range. If 

the drive shaft and the liner wear serious and with the gap seriously exceeded, not only to 

replace the bushing, and the drive shaft is also used chrome plating or vibration welding method 

to increase its diameter, and then grinding to the standard size, recovery and bushing with the 


    7.Changzhou Wujin heat pump (stainless steel hot pump)  gear flip use:

    Changzhou heat pump (stainless steel hot pump) gear wear is mainly in the tooth thickness 

parts, and gear face and tooth top wear are relatively light. Gear in the tooth thickness parts 

are unilateral wear, so the gear can be turned 180 degrees. When the gear face wear, the face can 

be polished, while grinding the hot oil pump housing joint surface to ensure that the gear face 

and pump cover gap in the standard range.   

    8.WRY hear pump (stainless steel hpt pump) pump cover repair method:

   Work plane repair: If the pump cover work plane wear less, you can use manual grinding method 

to eliminate the traces of wear, that is, in the platform or thick glass plate put a little valve 

sand, and then the pump cover on the above grinding, until the wear marks to eliminate, The work 

surface is flat. When the pump cover work plane wear depth of more than 0.1 mm, should be taken 

after the first grinding method of grinding repair. Repair of the active shaft sleeve: Active on 

the pump cover: The repair of the shaft sleeve hole wear is the same as the repair of the housing 

shaft bushing.