Composite Bearing Technical Parameters, Physical Properties and Friction Coefficient

Technical Parameters:

Steel-Based PTFE composite bearings of the technical parameters

Maximum load pressure 140 N/mm2
Applicable temperature range -195℃ - +300℃
Maximum sliding speed  5 m/s 
Coefficient of friction μ 0.04-0.18
Allow the minimum PV value 4,3,N/mm2·m/s
Allow the highest PV value 50,N/mm2·m/s

Physical properties:

The surface layer of the bearing material is very thin, usually 0.02-0.06 mm, therefore, the 

compressive strength of the bearing material\linear expansion coefficient and thermal 

conductivity and other physical and mechanical properties of indicators is far superior to pure 


ProjectSteel based PTFE Composite Bearings
Thermal conductivity (Cal/s, cn, ℃)0.1
Linear expansion coefficient (1/℃)3,0*10-5
Compressive strength (MPa)>300

Friction coefficient:

The friction coefficient is one of the main parameters of the physical properties of the feiction 

material. It is closely related to the surface properties of the material, the material of the 

pairing pair, the condition of the lubricating medium and the experimental conditions. The 

following is the friction coefficientof PZF-1 bearing material under different lubrication 


lubricating conditionsSteel based PTFE composite bearings
Oil lubrication 


Grease lubrication\
Water lubrication


Dry friction 0.07-0.20