Ceramic materials used in manufacturing industry

With social progress and science and technology of high-speed development, bearing of using environment and conditions increasingly diversification, on bearing of structure, and material and performance of requirements also increasingly high, some hi-tech field and some special environment Xia work of mechanical, as aviation space, and nuclear, and metallurgical, and chemical, and oil, and instrument, and mechanical, and electronic, and textile, and pharmaceutical, industrial, need in high temperature, and high-speed, and high precision, and vacuum, and no magnetic, and no oil lubrication, and acid, and alkali, special environment Xia work.

These new requirements relying solely on traditional metal bearing structure or improve lubricating conditions have been far from enough, must be the development of new materials, fundamental breakthroughs and innovations. Research found some ceramic materials have excellent performance, affordable metal and polymer material is not suitable for harsh work environments, and has required all the important characteristics of bearing materials, manufacture of ceramic materials should therefore be used for bearings, has become the world's high-tech development and application focus, become a symbol of mechanical materials technology revolution.

Silicon nitride ceramic bearings are mainly used in 4 areas: 1, high speed bearings, 2, high temperature bearings bearings for 3, vacuum, 4, bearings for corrosion. Silicon nitride ceramic bearings are able to work under special circumstances and conditions, fully benefit from the performance of silicon nitride ceramic. Silicon nitride ceramic bearing has the following advantages:

Ceramic materials used in manufacturing industry

Ceramic materials used in manufacturing industry

1, high speed

Ceramic material weight is only 40% equal steel weight, density of this characteristic, can realize the light weight and high speed bearing, ceramic bearings in rotating at high speed to inhibit the action of centrifugal force caused by rolling loads increase and to skid, Ceramic bearing of speed is steel business bearing of 1.3~1.5 times, its DN value can up 3 million, for example angle contact ball bearing, due to has must of contact angle, its scroll body and roll road surface Zhijian will produced rotating sliding, dang used density small of ceramic scroll body Shi, not only rotating sliding small, and on bearing fever and surface injury are up to useful of role, for aviation space aircraft is very useful of.

2, high rigidity

Young's modulus of silicon nitride ceramic is much higher than metal, metal of 1.5 times, thus force the elastic deformation of small, relatively high load rigidity about increased stiffness 15%~20%, so as to reduce the vibration of the machine. High precision system get a good value, such as ultra-precision machine tool spindles, high-precision aerospace bearings.

3, long life

Due to low dislocation of ceramic materials, low migration rates, and has high hardness, 1 time much higher than the hardness of the metal, to reduce wear and makes the ceramic bearings have good abrasion resistance. Also, nitride Silicon ceramic of mechanical strength does not low, its tensile strength and anti-bent strength and metal quite; and compressive strength very high, about is metal of 5~7 times, especially in high temperature conditions Xia, still can keep high of strength and hardness, even in 1200 ℃ Shi strength also basic keep not variable, in has foreign body mix of situation Xia, ceramic ball rarely produced peeling failure, so, resistance pressure marks sex good of ceramic bearing usually has more long of life, General more steel business bearing improve 3~5 times.

4, low fever

Because of the friction coefficient of silicon nitride ceramic materials, is about 30% of standard bearing steel, compared with metals, poor thermal conductivity of silicon nitride ceramics, ceramic bearings work generates less heat, can prolong the life of the grease.