Bronze Bushing Characteristics and Processing Attention Problems

       Bronze bushing, also known as straight sets, straight copper sets, straight bushings, 

bushings, etc, often made of materials include: brass, tin bronze, lead bronze, aluminum bronze, 

phosphor bronze. Bronze bushing is a mechanical equipment in a component, mainly used in mining 

machinery and equipment in the application process, copper liner is an indispensable parts, copper

 liner used. The main materials are brass, bronze, aluminum bronze, phosphor bronze, lead bronze, 

made by sand casting and centrifugal casting process, copper bush and other copper products have 

their own characteristics.


      1. Wear-resistance. Copper liner wear resistance is better, different materials have 

different characteristics of the bushing, centrifugal casting out of the copper liner inside the 

organization is relatively tight, there will be no loose and stomatal trachoma and other 

phenomena, centrifugal casting out,the copper bushing hardness is relatively high and durable.

    2.Corrosive. This is another feature of copper bushing, corrosion performance is relatively 

good, mainly used in the atmosphere and fresh water, in the use of copper bushing in the process, 

generally not prone to bite the situation. Corrosion is mainly reflected in a  number of chemical 

elements, such as: dilute sulfuric acid, hydrochloric acid and fatty acids, etc, so that the 

corrosion resistance of copper bushing is very good, it will not produce the main situation or 

because of their own characteristics, even if there is no lubrication. The case of the case can 

still be normal work.

    3.Compressive capacity. Copper bushing has good compressive capacity, especially the surface 

pressure is large, can withstand the bearing side pressure, in the case of high load pressure, 

copper bushing can still operate.

     These are some of the main features of the  bronze bushings, and that is his casting 

performance and cutting performance will be good, so the bronze liner is a mining machinery and 

equipment in an indispensable parts.

      Bronze bushing processing shoud pay attention to the problems:

      1.In the sintering of the bushings, the process must be carefully handled, such as the box 

required to put the core is correct, so that the casting out of the product due to this reason 

can not be processed by size.

     2.In the processing before the first to clean up the castings, and then on the train, first

 corrected, and then processed to the semi-finished product when the car, cooling, because the 

copper has a shrinkage, in order to be accurate to the workpiece at room temperature when re-car 


     3.After the finished product, especially the straight set can not be placed should be placed 

vertically to prevent deformation.

     4.Packaging, to keep the amount, to avoid in the transport process by accidental collision 

caused deformation.