Attention Problems And Maintenance Methods of Sliding Bearings

   Note on sliding bearings:

   Sliding bearing is surface contact, so the contact surface to maintain a certain oil film, so 

the design should pay attention to the following questions:

   1.To make the oil film can smoothly into the friction surface.

   2.The oil should enter the bearing fron the non-bearing area.

   3.Do not open the oil ring in the middle of the bearing.

   4.Do not block the oil hole.

   5.Do not form oil without flow area. To prevent the emergence of cutting the sharp edges and 

edges of the oil film.

   6.Bearing load, low speed, you should choose a small penetration of the grease, and vice versa 

to choose the cone into the degree of large. High-speed bearings uesd to tap the degree of small,

good mechanical stability of the grease. It is important to note that the viscosity of the base 

oil of the grease is lower.

   7.Select the grease drop point is generally higher than the working temperature of 20-30 ℃,

continuous operation in the case of high temperature, be careful not to exceed the allowable use 

of grease temperature range.

   8.Sliding bearings in the water or wet environment work, should choose good water resistance of

calcium, aluminum or lithium grease.

  9.Use grease with good adhension.


  Maintenance of sliding bearings:

  1.To prevent partial load and overload, such as the movement found in the bearing overheating, 

should immediately stop the inspection, it is best to continue to run the rotor at low speed, or 

continue to supply oil for sometime until the bearing cold down so far.

  2.To prevent the lack of lubricants or oil mixed with impurities, dust intrusion and the rotor 

is not installed. Naphtha as the lubricating oil to the large particles of dirt into the bearing 

gap, and embedded in the bearing bushing, so that the bearings and journal (or thrust plate) 

contact, the formation of scab, in operation will be severely scratched Shaft surface, nap bearing

attention to clean the oil, especially in the maintenance, should pay attention to the metal scrap

or dirt clean.

   3.To improve the bearing pad groove, the sharp of the groove, modify the edge of the groove or 

shape to improve the shape of the oil film stramline, select the appropriate installation gap, 

reduce the axis of shaking.

  4.Increase the oil supply pressure.

  5.For more suitale bearing material.

  6.Check the shaft and bearing, if the damage is not too serious after the erosion or Ma pit, hair and other minor circumstances, you can scratch the bearing pad.