Attention and Maintenance of Sliding Bearings

    Note the Problem:

    Sliding bearing is surface contact, so the contact surface to maintain a certain oil film, so 

the design should pay attention to the following questions:

     1.To make the oil film can smoothly into the fricion surface.

     2.The oil should be from the non-bearing area into the bearing.

     3.Do not make the whole ring oil tank open in the middle of the bearing.

     4.Such as oil tiles, seams open oil ditch.

     5.To make the oil ring to the oil is fully reliable.

     6.Do not be blocked oil hole.

     7.Do not form the oil does not flow area.

     8.To prevent cutting off the sharp edges and edges of the oil film.

     Maintenance method:

     Gluing bearing overheating , excessive laod, improper operation or temperature control 

system failure.

      1.In the movement, such as the discovery of bearing overheating, should immediately stop 

the inspection, it is best to continue to run the rotor at low speed, or continue to supply oil 

for some time until the bearing cold down so far. Otherwise, the Pasteur alloy on the pad is 

glued to the journal due to gluing.

     2.To prevent the lack of oil or oil mixed with impurities, and the rotor is not installed.

     3.Gluing damage to the lighter bearing pad can be used to repair the method to eliminate, 

continue to use.

      Fatigue rupture due to uneven vibration caused by the shaft deflection and edge load, 

overload ,etc, causing the bearing Babbitt fatigue fracture. Bearing repair installation quality 

is not high.

      1.To improve the installation quality, reduce bearing vibration.

      2.To prevent partial load and overload.

      3.The use of suitable Babbitt and the new bearing structure.

      4.Strict control of bearing temperature rise.


       Naphtha as the lubricating oil to the large particles of dirt into the bearing gap, and 

embedded in the bearing bushing, so that the bearings and journal (ot thrust plate) contact, the 

formation of scab, in operation will be severely scratched shaft surface, nap bearing attention 

to clean the oil,especially in the maintenance, should pay attention to the metal scrap or dirt 


      Wear and scratches are mixed with impurities, foreign matter and dirt. Repair method is 

wrong , the installation is not correct. Use improper maintenance , strict quality control.

      1.Clening the journal, oil,oil filter, and replace the clean the quality requirements of 

the lubricating oil.

     2.Coupled with the scratch after the bearing or the new pad.

     3.If found to be wrong, should be timely correction.

     4.Pay attention to maintenance quality.


      As the bearing structure is irrational (the oil on the bearing is unreasonable), the 

viration of the shaft, the formation of steam bubbles in the oil film,the steam bubble burst, the 

local surface of the bearing pad produces a vacuum, causing the peeling off the small pieces.

      1.Increase the oil pressure.

      2.To improve the bearing pad trench, groove shape, modify the edge or shape of the groove 

to improve the shape of the oil film streamline.

      3.To reduce the bearing clearance, reduce the axis of shaking.

      4.For more suitable bearing material.

      Electrification due to poor insulation or poor grounding, or produce static electricity,

 in the journal and the bearing between the formation of a certain voltage, through the journal 

and the pad between the oil film and produce spark, the beaing into the pit.

      1.Check the insulation of the machine, with particular attention to some protection devices

 (such as thermal resistance, thermocouple,etc.) whether the insulation is intact.

      2.Check the machine grounding.

      3.If the damage is not serious after the erosion, you can scratch pad.

      4.Check the journal, if the journal produced on the electrical corrosion Ma pit, should be 

polished to removethe jaw.