Application of JDB in Oilless Bearing

   JDB has a strong wear resistance, JDB has high strength, hardness, chemical resistance and 

strong. As well as cutting machine performance is also very good. JDB often made of sheet metal, 

bar, pipe, casting parts and so on.

   JDB is widely used, made by casting into the bearing and bushings, the domestic now mainly use 

JDB for production of solid lubricating oilless bearings (solid bearing), is the use of high-

strength brass (Usually graphite, molybdenum disulfide, polytetrafluoroethylene, oil an other 

lubricants), the superiority of its mainly in the copper alloy and non-ferrous metal grinding 

materials have their own complementary advantages, both with a high carrying capacity, but also 

break through the general bearing oil film grease lubrication through the boundaries of oil-free 

lubrication, embedded solid lubricants easy to form a lubricating film, its friction and wear 

properties to a great improvement in the role of stable and reliable high cost. Compared with the 

composite oil-free bearings, it has a good workability, high precision, strong carrying capacity, 

good wear resistance advantages. This self-lubricating guide can be used in many areas, such as 

:ergineering machinery joints excavators, mine scraper, rotary drilling rig, concrete pump 

truck, rock drilling machinery, hoist, port crane. Mechanical casting machinery, water machinery, 

transportation machinery, rolling mill, blow molding machine blown film machinem injection

 molding machine cross head mold differential, tire curing machine, trailer balance beam, vacuum